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On Sunday, 27 June 2021 at 11:06:57 UTC+3 विश्वासो वासुकेयः wrote:

> It is so wonderful that this scholar has published his effort openly and
> freely under CC BY-SA license. Another leukospheric scholar, McComas Taylor
> completed his versified translation of the Viṣṇupurāṇa and published it
> open access at
> https://press-files.anu.edu.au/downloads/press/n8264/pdf/book.pdf !

It's a gift.

> It is something Indian scholars and universities should learn from. I have
> sought digitized searchable versions of smRti-nibandha-s for my studies and
> practice (I know they exist in private collections of some Indian scholars)
> - the best I managed to get was "talk to the hand" or "it will be published
> one day, be patient" or "use my app" type response.

And the day never comes.

> Even where it is published, there is no guarantee that it will stay on the
> net (like that infamous tirupati corpus from last decade). Some (otherwise
> venerable) organizations are so stupid as to use outdated fonts and
> computer setups just to thwart data copying!

I never thought that the old fonts are used intentionally. Pune has a lot
of anti-Unicode fonts just because they are used to them, that is what I
was thinking before. Too much of the कूपमण्डूक approach in India, so sad to
see it in the Universities.

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