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Sadara praNAm,
In the life of Sampoojya Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha Swamikal
of Sringeri SArada peetom there is an incident.
In Mahabharata in a particular part a Veda mantra to propitiate
Varuna is samputita, the details are unknown to me.
Maha sannidhAnam once send a devotee of him to a district
that was eluded by rain for quite a while, with instruction to recite that
part of
the Mahabharatha a certain no of times for getting rain and it
did happen!
*Prof. Sivakumar *

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> Hi,
> In some stotras ( shiva panchakshara stotra,shiva panchakshara natchathiram
> mala stotra , nrusimha mantra pada stotra , sudarshana ashtakam etc).,the
> moola mantra is inside the stotra and it is stated that mantra is
> "Samputitam"in the stotra...
> 1.what does Samputitam actually mean?.
> 2.Does reciting that mantra Samputitam stotra equal
> Reciting the mantra for a particular number of times???
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