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 Pranams to all & thanks for this excellent post 

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 PraNAms to everybody.
Eka dasi - is 10 + 1. 
The ten stands of - 5 jnaanedriyas and 5 karmendriyas.
Jnaanedriyas are five sense organs.
karmendriyas are five organs of action. 
One who live only at the level is dasha mukha - Ravana. 
One above all this is Ekdadasi 
It is a day of fast -fasting from the over indulgence involving the ten - jnaanedriyas and karmendriyas. 
It is a day of contemplation on the truth diverting their minds from all the sense input - the one who is doing that is the one who is observing the Ekadasi.
Hari Om!Sadananda


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 Ekadashi is also celebrated as a Shaiva Vratam as that was the day when
Mahadeva drank the Halaahala poison.
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