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Thank you for your wise words subbu sir

On Sat, 24 Jul 2021, 16:38 V Subrahmanian, <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you Kaushik for this very novel analogy; it fits the Vedant view of
> vyavaharika and paramarthika realities. I am reminded of the river and
> ocean identity taught in the Chandogya Upanishad as part of the the
> teaching of the Truth. The rivers have distinct names but then once they
> merge with the ocean, the names and forms that form their distinct
> identities are no longer there. So the Upanishad teaches that the rivers
> have their origin that is their source in the ocean and finally end up as
> non different from the ocean upon merging with the source. Thus while the
> difference or duality is only and appearance, the truth is the nondual.
> Regards
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>> Here is a small analogy that had come up in my mind with regards to the
>> different states of reality-
>> With respect to us,when we are on land, there appear to be many seas and
>> oceans. It's evident from the fact that there is a water body in
>> kanyakumari and another waterbody on the beach of vizag.  Also another
>> water body located near another country. The sea water appears to be salty
>> where as the ocean water seems to be fresh. It's only logical to assume
>> these are different from each other.
>> Yet, when seen from the standpoint of space, these all waterbodies are
>> just
>> one. The don't even have any parts or division and all are one huge
>> waterbody. The duality of it is only visible from the standpoint of land.
>> In the same way there is duality seen from the vyavaharika view point, but
>> from the standpoint of paramarthika it's only one.
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