[Advaita-l] shankaracharya and mutts in india

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Tue Mar 2 06:01:30 EST 2021

Dear Sri Aravind,

Thank you for sharing the reference to Vol 7 of Deivatthin Kural.

I just looked up the English Translation of this (Voice of God), but
contrary to what you claim, Acharyal in fact, states that "A guru should be
chosen only after knowing his proficiency and qualification. Then the
surrender should be done only to him. Later, even if he is found to be
somewhat different (from what a sashay had thought) the sashay should
*not *change
his mind even a bit and continue to regard him as his refuge".

I had tried sharing excerpts from Acharyal's Voice of God Vol 2 (on
Surrender Above All), but because of limitations on size of the message I
could not. I have now uploaded both the Vol 7 quote that you mention and
the Vol 2 quote, which Sri Manas Bharadwaaj also acknowledged, to my Google
Drive and you can find it here for reference
In both these places, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi has advised the
sishya to find a guru after proper investigation, however, once one has
surrendered to a guru, one should not change one's guru, even if the
situation has changed.

Namaskaram 🙏

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> Deivatin kural volume 7..."guruvin yogyadai paarpadum,sharanagathi
> seivadum".
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> > Hi all,
> > Can someone mention about all the authentic shankara mutts in india other
> > than the 4 mutts established by shankara
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