[Advaita-l] Karma yoga: the kinder, softer preparation for self-inquiry and surrender

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> << From *Letters from Ramanasram*, a questioner says:
> Q: “The reasons for these interruption [in my practice] is the samsara
> (family), is not it? I am therefore thinking of abandoning the samsara.”
> M: “Oh! Is that so? What really is meant by samsara? Is it within or
> without?”
> Q: "Wife, children and others..."
> M: "Supposing you leave your wife and children. If you are here this will
> become another kind of samsara. Supposing you take to sannyasa. Another
> kind of samsara comes into existence in the shape of a karra (walking
> stick), kamandalu (water bowl) and the like. Why all that? Samsara means
> samsara of the mind. If you leave that samsara, it will be the same thing
> wherever you are. Nothing troubles you."
> Later, in the same work:
> Q: “Before beginning the Self-enquiry, ‘Who am I?’, is it necessary to give
> up all actions (Karma Sannyasa)?”
> M: “What is your idea of sannyasa? Sitting, getting up, going about, and
> eating, are karmas (actions). Of these which are you going to give up? That
> is why ancients say, when they talk of Karma Sannyasa , ‘First give up the
> feeling that you are the doer’.”
> Q: *“Sankaracharya gave prominence to Karma Sannyasa.”*
> M: “Yes, he did. But then, even he did karma (action). He went from one
> place to another and from village to village and established the doctrine
> of Advaita (non-duality). At that time, there were no railways. He went on
> foot. Is not all that karma? The meaning is, when a person becomes a Jnani,
> nothing affects him, whatever he may do. He does everything for the welfare
> of the world. He, the Jnani, gives up only the feeling of ego namely that
> he is doing everything.
> Couldn't be any clearer >>.
> Namaste.

That is great. It may be difficult to locate more appropriate references
than these to validate my earlier observations. Couldn't be clearer.

There is nothing further for me to state.



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