[Advaita-l] Shiva Ratri Katha PART 5 - LINGODBHAVA Episode present in all the Puranas with References - 1

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Tue Mar 16 11:02:17 EDT 2021

Thanks for sharing this talk which gives a number of references to the
Lingodbhava episode across various Puranas.  Long ago I had made an
observation, a mere guess, on a particular statement of the Atharva Shira
Upanishad's veiled reference to the Lingodbhava episode.  This speaker is
confirming that.

Here is a complete playlist of videos by that institution:


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> There is a huge misconception that this LINGODBHAVA Episode is present only
> in Shiva, Linga & Skanda Puranas. But the Episode of Brahma & Vishnu
> searching for the beginning and end of Lord Shiva is present in all the
> Puranas. It is stated in this video with the proper references from the
> Shastras. (This is Section 1 of the video).
> https://youtu.be/SK_m1moQShw
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