[Advaita-l] Karma yoga: the kinder, softer preparation for self-inquiry and surrender

Ven Balakrishnan ventzu at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 12:36:57 EDT 2021

Dear HS Chandramouli

My understanding is that for Ramana, like Sankara, knowledge / understanding is the primary path.  Knowledge in the sense that you are not the body-mind and the world is not real.  Thereafter to understand and constantly apply neti, neti - discarding all thoughts - in order to focus on the ‘I’-thought, and thereby realise for yourself that it is not substantial.

So there are stories of where 2 people were arguing in the ashram kitchen, and then suddenly spotted Bhagavan watching them and they became embarrassed; the story goes that he told them not to feel shy, but to use the opportunity to see the ego in all its strength.  Similarly, he said, whenever a desire arises look to find the one that has the desire.

With respect to the two DSV theories, I’m not sure they are that different, and in any event it is a provisional step, on the way to ajata vada.  So probably don’t get distracted by the nuances of one or the other.

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