[Advaita-l] Karma yoga: the kinder, softer preparation for self-inquiry and surrender

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> Akilesh
> You wrote:
> "If we say the world appearance continues, then the burnt rope is
> precisely the thought of me or mine. That thought would be the ego and its
> remaining vasanas. For there is no such thing as vasana-free observation of
> differences in the world"
> OK, and I guess that is why logic would push one to 5a.  However do note
> the following from Bhagavan:

Well, what would be a bit more accurate than either 5a or 5b, would be to
say that the world appearance, which cannot be said to have ever begun,
cannot therefore be said to either to end or to continue. Jnana is
precisely this going beyond those categories. That leaves us with ajata, to
which all the verses that you cite are really referring.

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