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HH Sri Jnanananda Bharati Swaminah, earlier known as Sri R.Krishnaswamy
Iyer, lived in the earlier century.  He had written a large number of books
in English, Tamil and Sanskrit on a variety of subjects.  His books
'Dialogues with the Guru', 'Saint of Sringeri', 'The Great Equation,', 'A
peep into the Vedanta', etc. are some of the well known ones. Given below
is a link that contains a list of his books.

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Sri Gurubhyoh Namaha!

You can see the list of books written by Sri Jnanananda Bharathi Swamigal
and the books that are currently available in the website

You may send your requirement of books to my mail ID or to my WhatsApp


R Sankar

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Is there a list of complete works of Swamigal in all languages?  If there
is any such catalogue please let me know. I can announce this in many

Thanks and regards

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