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PraNAms to everybody.
My friend Shree Rajashekar Doddanna has sent this info. Anyone interested and wants to make suggestions for its improvement, please feel free to send the comments directly to Shree Rajashekar. The URL link and his comments are provided below.Hari Om!Sadananda-------------------------------------------------------
This small manuscript is written by my co-brother , who is my wife Uma’s sisters husband Dr. V T Maddiah. Dr Maddiah is a retired professor of chemistry who retired from Stoney Brooke a long time ago. He stays in New Jersey and spends the winter three months in Bangalore. After their last visit they were forced to stay in Bangalore for more than one year due to pandemic. During this time he worked on this manuscript. They just returned to US only last month., He forwarded the manuscript which was just typed . I just formatted the same into a E FlipBook. I want you to please read the manuscript and express your opinion. Your input will help him either to expand or rewrite the manuscript. There is no time limit. You can read it at your convenience and send me your comments. I will forward the same to him. Hope you will do the needful.
To open the E Flip Book Just click on the following link.  If you find any problem with opening , please send me an Email and I will fix it.


Please Click on the following link “






Rajashekar Doddanna

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