[Advaita-l] what is advaita to a samsari?

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There is a saying Antah Sakto Bahih Saivo Vyavahare tu Vaishnavah .
Internally we should be like Saktas. External appearance like Saivas. And
in Vyavahara like Vaishnavas.

In day to day affairs we have to behave like Vaishnavas believe in Reality
of the World. We cannot behave like World is Mithya. We should behave like
we are in a real world and interacting with real people and real objects.
We should behave like this even with close Family members like wife,
children, parents and so on. When a dog is attacking we have to run like a

But internally when we are alone we should reflect on the Unreality of the
World and Real Brahman with the thought Aham Brahmasmi.

Our external appearance must be like Saiva wearing Vibhuti. But in modern
life we may not follow it. That is fine.

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>  I request scholars  to speak about advaita in daily life. From morning to
> night  till we retire to bed  explain the role of  advaiti in samsara    as
> a father,mother  and a citizen? What role  he has to play   during the
> difficult period  like threatening corona days as  an advaiti.?
>            I give one example.  A dog chases  few people on the road.People
> run
>  in fear and  an advaiti also runs-if so what is the difference  between me
> and others ?  We all avoid to discuss  about practising advaita in  daily
> life of a samsari.
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