[Advaita-l] Krama mukthi in advaitha siddhantam.

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But in sri Vaikuntam , gatekeepers jaya and vijaya were sent to planet
earth to be born as asuras  by lord narayana himself..So a soul experiences
same obstacles and suffering in aatma sadhana wherever it may be..
Vaikuntam or kailasham or sri lokam

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>> Hi all,
>> Can one do self enquiry in Vaikuntam or kailasham and attain the advaita
>> state of moksha  ???
> Advaita accepts Krama mukti where a saguna upasaka in this loka, without
> striving for and attaining Nirguna Brahma vidya, upon death, goes to Brahma
> loka (which is the common name for Vaikuntha, etc.).  There, taught the
> Nirguna Vidya by the Head of Brahma loka, Brahmaa himself, one becomes a
> Jnani and upon the Brahma loka undergoing maha pralaya, all the residents
> of that loka, including the Head, will attain videha kaivalya and never
> return to samsara.
> regards
> subbu
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