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In the Bhamati for the Brahma sutra bhashya 1.4.21, Sri Vachaspati Misra
cites a passage, a full shloka, as that of the PancharatrikaaH:

एतदुक्तं भवति - भविष्यन्तमभेदमुपादाय भेदकालेऽप्यभेद उक्तः । यथाहुः
पाञ्चरात्रिकाः - “आमुक्तेर्भेद एव स्याज्जीवस्य च परस्य च । मुक्तस्य तु न
भेदोऽस्ति भेदहेतोरभावतः” ॥ इति ।

The meaning of the verse is: The difference between the jivatma and
Paramatma lasts only till mukti. In mukti, the jiva is non-different from
Paramatma since the factor that caused the difference earlier is no longer

Is such a bheda-abheda stance taken by the Pancharatra? From what appears
on the face, both the Dvaita and Vishishtadvaita schools do not accept the
above position. They are known to be followers of the Pancharatra.

Any leads to the source text of this Pancharatra verse is welcome.

Thanks and regards

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