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> Dear fellow Advaitins,
> I would appreciate your collective thoughts on how to interpret
> SatChitPriyam in the DrikDrishyaViveka in reference to Brhmarupam.
> asti bhāti priyam rūpam nāma chetyamśapañchakam
> ādyatrayam brahmarūpam jagadrūpam tato dvayam
> I have never seen this form in describing Brhman.
> What does this priyam refer to? Is it from the standpoint of Jiva?

Yes.  Every object is dear to one person/being or the other at least at one
time or the other.  What is not dear to one could be dear to another. For
example a man throws out a dead rat from his house. Quickly a crow lands on
it happy to have got a meal.  While I normally spit out the phlegm, this
time I safely collect it in a container to be handed to a lab for a test.
This priyam aspect corresponds to the Ananda of Brahman; the other two
being asti = sat and bhaati = chit.

While the name and form in every object are maya and unreal, bereft of
these, the object is simple no-object; it is purely Brahman. The BG Bhashya
2.16 is a fine read on this.


> Thank you much.
> Soma
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