[Advaita-l] A FB post on Adishankara's statue at Kedarnath

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Tue Nov 9 16:15:11 EST 2021


Namaste 🙏🏽

Yes, PM Modi ji did unveil Adishankaracharya's statue at Kedarnath. It's a
12 foot tall statue which weighs 35,000 kg. It's a proud moment for all of
us. Adishankaracharya was the one who restored the glory of the shrine in
the 8th century A.D.
As keralites, me and my family were extremely happy, proud and embarassed
at the same time.
Why embarrassed ? Here's the reason.
Any consious Bharatiya Sanatani from Kerala will be. The land of Kerala was
blessed to be the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya. He was born in Kalady.
This is Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam is an eight-story memorial
in Kalady, the birth place of Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Kanchi Kamakodi Math,
Tamil Nadu, had to build it as Cong-Commie govts in Kerala don’t want
people to cherish the legacy of the great Hindu renaissance leader. A
university is named after Shri Adishankaracharya. (My congressi aunt
(young) studies in a college named after Adi Shankaracharya, but she
doesn't know who he is. That's the case with most students too.) This is
the only thing we have.
We couldn't even make a one foot tall statue of Adishankaracharya in Kerala
due to the opposition from radical Islamists (high on number in Kerala) who
has the support from the communist/congressi govts.
The respect and gratitude which Shankaracharya should be getting from his
birthplace is being denied and is getting it from the place in which he
went to Samadhi. Modi ji is making people remember about the great
Adishankaracharya. This step is absolutely necessary and if this is how the
condition goes, one day might come in which we Hindus don't even know who
Adishankaracharya is, like in Kerala.
If you've noticed, I always take pride in saying that I belong to the birth
state of Shri Adishankaracharya. I do not want my state to be called as
“the land of communists" ! This feels like, we Malayalis are selling off
our true identity and are running behind something else.
Most people don't know about Shri Adishankaracharya. In my school, I had to
conduct a small scale survey in which I asked my school mates to recognise
these people from their pictures. One was Adishankaracharya and the other
was Che-Guevera. 99% of them didn't recognise Adishankaracharya but all of
them(honestly…all of them) recognised Che. Some people didn't know his name
but knew that he was a communist. This result truly disheartened me.
If the Hindus of Kerala stand together and know about the legendary
Adishankaracharya who is the man behind the renaissance of Sanatan Dharma,
we'll also get a statue of Adishankaracharya here in his birth place.
These morons who are opposing the statue of Adishankaracharya are the one
who advocated for the statue of Ali Musaliyar, the man behind the Moplah
Hindu genocide. Adishankaracharya is revered and valued all throughout
Hindustan except his birth place.
Another reason might be because of the history, that there were clashes
with Namboodiris of Keralam and the Jagadguru. He left for sanyasam at a
very young age which was not acceptable by the namboodiris of Kerala. So
Adi Shankaracharya didn't have any touch with Kerala after that. He came to
see his mother when she was about to pass away. The Namboodiris and others
refrained from touching her and igniting the fire (Shankaracharya can't do
that). Then jagadguru with his yogic power ignited the fire. He didn't
consecrate any temple in Kerala. But I beleive, at least now Keralites
should leave that behind and follow him and his teaching. Yes, we mainly
follow Tantric practices but Adi Shankaracharya is much beyond an advaita
Vedanta philosophy. If today, in Hindustan, Sanatan Dharma is wide spread,
Adi Shankaracharya is the main reason. I don't think these reasons or
regional chauvenism or political ideology of yours should prevent you for
adoring the Jagadguru.
The reason why many Keralites oppose it is because, they're “literates" ! I
saw some malayali IG pages(chauvinistic) which said instead of unvieling
Shankaracharya's statue, he must eradicate poverty. I'm sorry. But that's
how the mentality is. So…along with not knowing his contributions, this is
also a reason.

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