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Thanks Ramesam ji, for the details.  I was particularly curious of any
explicit Upanishadic statements that would quickly relate with a reader
familiar with the Upanishadic bhashyas, the principal ones.  Are the
Upanishads that you state identified by any author in the YV by showing the
verses therein?  Here is a book
https://archive.org/details/TheVasisthaRamayana-AStudy  which I am yet to
read to check for the current investigation.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 3:42 PM Ramesam <vemuri.ramesam at gmail.com> wrote:

> “Is there any study of the explicit citation of the upanishads in the Yoga
> Vasishtha?”
> Sir,
> You may be familiar with “Prof. B.L. Atreya’s commendable work, “The
> Philosophy of The Yogavasishta – A Comparative, Critical, And Synthetic
> Survey of the Philosophical Ideas of Vasishta as Presented in the
> Yogavasishta Maharamayana” (published by The Theosophical Publishing House,
> India, 1936).
> Dr. Atreya  says that “a comparative study of YogavAsiShTa with the *vairAgya
> shataka* and *vAkyapadIya* of Bhartrihari, with the *mANDUkya kArikA*-s
> of Gaudapada, with the *vivekacUDAmaNi* of Shankara and with the
> *mAnasollAsa* of Sureshwara will clearly reveal the influence which the
> YogavAsiShTha exercised over these illustrious thinkers of the Advaita
> school of thought.”
> In addition, an examination of the many of the minor Upanishads reveals
> that several of them are wholly or partially composed of the shloka-s
> quoted *verbatim* from YogavAsiShTa. Examples are *Maha-, annapUrNa-,
> akShi-, muktika-, varAha-, brihat  samnyAsa-, sandilya-, yAjnavalkya-,
> maitreyi-, pingal-, yogakunDali-, tejobindu-, jAbAladarshana-,
> tripuratApinI-, yogasikha-, amritabindu-, saubhAgyalakshmi-*, etc.
> Upanishads.

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