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Dear Friends,                       It was again the oportunity given by the lotus feet to interact with the grandson  of the person who performed agnicheyanam/shrautam in that village during deepawali which i will put it down. Before that I have some words to express.First, Thanks to Sh. Jaladhar for suggesting the Gargasmahita and Sh. Chandramouliji to send the link to brahmmavivarta purana and reading those to get the fundamentals of love, affection, bondage which I don't know its definitions                       
An personal e-mail came to from a great personality who writes mails to our advaita list with different mail addresses, which I copy it here:
"As an elder person  ie., the students of  guruvugaru, i want to tell some good words for u i wont ask what happend.  but what i tell is past is past hapend is happend.  u forget about the past. even in future pl. try to change your mind about  guru.one thing i can say we can fight with guru but it is with love and affection and not with a quastionable.  we cannot ? him why he has done like this are that in any way any manner for that we have no right.  but we can ?   guruvuku daggaraga vundataniki prayatnam cheyi. duramga vundataniki kadu. bhagavatudiki duramgavunna parvaledu guruvuke daggaraga vunte chalu, idi vunte avianni vuntai.  idi lekapothi avi anni vunna lenatly. guruvu antene a sabdaniki vunna arthame adi.  andukani na sincere advise first u sey sorry to guru. saying that because of my prarabda karmavalla nenu meetho ala pravarthinchavalasivachinadi".  

As such I don't know this person and looks like he is andhrite by his mail (will give the details of him & his mail ID to moderators to stop the hatered among the members). He also suggested me not to do research.Some times, it all depends on which lens you are using to see the out look and higherarchy, grading  always works in adviata or research.
A Kramapathi (kramantha), Ghanapathi(ghanantha), Chaturveda adhayi, principal vedic pathasala and a peethadhipathi differ in their knowlede levels just like my scientist grades B-C-D-E-F-G
Leaving all these aspects aside and comming to point of discussion:
I am a research scholar by birth and I remain the same until my lastbreath.
The Grandson namely 'Suryanarayana Murthy' who is a retired teacher & 80 yrs old, currently living in that village eagarly waiting for his grandfather's rebirth in his linage and menions to me he will be borned again and he will live untill he sees his eyes.
The Skilled Yagna i.e Agni Cheyanam is very much possible under the present cirucumstances also, the only thing one should have is to submit everything to the lotus feet, act selflessly, wish for the lokakalyanam.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara    On Friday, 29 October, 2021, 09:52:58 am GMT+5:45, KAMESWARARAO MULA via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:  
 Dear Friends,                          My childhood life  was spent under the nurturing of my grand father and I always used to listen & learnt many things from him that Agni Chayanam/ Agni stomam were performed in that village when I was infant. There used be a person named 'Shrauti' in that village whose son performed the agni chayanam. I never knew even these words, but my ears are always filled  with these skilled yagna's. Several people told several times about this and which made me an inner incliantion to know about that what it is.
'Shrauti' literally means who performed Shrauta Yagam and its details can be found at this link: https://manasataramgini.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/the-shrauta-animal-sacrifice/Agnichayana/agniShToma: The main Oblations to prajApati vishvakarman are made. The adhvaryu carries forth the fire in the eastern direction (agni-praNayana). The ritual was done once an year on the new moon or full moon day in the rainy season . The ritualist should collect the following: 1) pine tree firewood 2) paridhi-s of kArshmarya wood (Gmelina) 3) guggulu resin 4) sugandhitejana perfume 5) a wad of white wool 6) two threads respectively with two and three strands 7) two vapAshrapaNI forks with one and two prongs respectively for offering the omentum 8) a spike for impaling the heart of the animal during the offering 9) a daNDa for the maitravaruNa reaching to the height of his mouth made of the udumbara fig tree wood 10) a twig of the plakSha fig tree, the wooden plank known as the iDasUna, barley flour to make the barley water in prokShaNI vessel 11) barley flour for the offering 12) curds.The Purnahuti Mantra Says:
sapta te agne samidhaH sapta jihvAH saptarShayaH sapta dhAma priyANi ,sapta hotrAH saptadhA tvA yajanti sapta yonIr A pRiNasvA ghRitena Swaha
That is: 1) 7 fuel sticks; 2) 7 tongues of agni; 3) 7 RiShi-s 4) 7 dear abodes of agni 5) 7 oblations 6) the 7-fold worship of agni 7) the seven sources of agni, which are filled with ghee.
This association of 7 with agni is often referred from RV itself.Some times the Sri Guru to test his disciple he gives his 7 as one samidha, one Jihwa, one Rishi, one dhama, one hota, one dhatu and one yoni. A sincere disciple should always reach his guru's feet by combining all these things.
1.Samidha:Arka(Jilledu),Palasa(Moduga),Khadira(NallaTumma),Apamarga(Uttareni) Aswattha, (Raagi),Audumbara (Juvvi),Darbha







Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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