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Namaskaram Members


This is my first attempt in a community wide appeal. So apologies if the
content is either unclear or deficient in any way. My decision to reach out
to the members of this forum was motivated on two counts: subject matter of
the appeal is,  I believe, relevant to this forum’s objectives and secondly,
in the time I have been a member (less than 2 years) I have come to realise
the depth and the willingness of this fraternity.


I became acquainted with Sri V Krishna of Samata Book, publishers of works
in Vedanta, during my search for certain books which was published by them.
In that process, I had the opportunity to talk to Sri V Krishna and came to
understand certain challenges he is facing. Sri V Krishna is looking for
capital to facilitate the continuation of the publishing business which he
inherited from his father. The titles in their catalogue are quite
interesting and even unique in some respect.


His genuine cry for assistance led me to think various options for
assistance, including outright donation; underwriting a specific title;
pre-commitment to buy certain titles; crowd-funding etc etc. Understanding
limitations as an Individual, I am hoping by tabling Sri V Krishna’s appeal
in this Forum will generate more ideas and leverage relevant specific
experiences of the Members. Further, I am not in India thereby restricting
any physical contact with Sri V Krishna.


I sincerely hope that with this email I have not transgressed any boundaries
or rules. Next steps would depend upon what Members decide, I am happy to be
the point of contact to take this forward. Alternatively, if a collective
action is not proposed for whatever reason, then individually Members can
directly contact Sri V Krishna.


Sri Krishna has provided me with a  brief write up on Samata Books and also
his appeal for assistance which is reproduced below.


Thank you all and regards




My revered father Sri V.Sadanand freedom fighter and founder Samata books
chennai India, started publishing in 1977. Prior to this he had his retail
bookstore The Personal bookshop at the same place (Anna Salai, Chennai)
where it is functioning now. He was very selfless. He did not take The
Tamara Patra and any of the freedom fighter's benefits from The Govt of
India. His first publishing venture was:

  1. The Bhagavad Gita,(commentary of Adi Sankaracharya and translated into
     English by Sri Alladi Mahadeva Sastry Ji, this English translation is
     more than 100 years old).
  2. He followed it with Adi Sankaracharya's The Dakshinamurti stotra
     translated into English by Sri Alladi Mahadeva SastryJi,
  3. Adi Sankaracharya's Prabodhasudhakara translated into English by Sri
  4. Essence of yogavaasishtha compiled by Sri Jnanananda BharathiJi
     translated into English by Sri SamvidJi,
  5. Vision and way of Vasishtha compiled by Sri B.L.AthreyaJi translated
     into English by Sri SamvidJi,
  6. Sri Chakra and The Ten Great Cosmic Powers by Sri S.ShankaranarayananJi
     and other titles. 


We intend and plan to reprint our publications. Estimates of printing cost
alone, of the each title is as follows.

  1. Adi Sankaracharya's Prabodhasudhakara Rs1 50,000. 
  2. Vision and way of Vasishtha compiled by Sri B.L.AthretaJi translated
     into English by Sri SamvidJi, Rs.2,30,000.
  3. Adi Sankaracharya's The Dakshinamurti stotra translated into English by
     Sri Alladi Mahadeva SastryJi, Rs.95,000.
  4. Sri Chakra by Sri S.ShankaranarayananJi,Rs.95,000
  5. The Ten Great Cosmic Powers by Sri S.ShankaranarayananJi, Rs95,000.


Samata’s titles currently available for purchase include: The Bhagawad Gita
with Sri Bagavadpada’s commentary Rs800 (Alladi Mahadeva Sastry), Essence of
Yogavaasishtha Rs500, The Taittiriya Upanishad with Sri Bagavadpada’s
commentary Rs450 (Alladi Mahadeva Sastry).  


If like minded souls can come together and contribute, it will help us in a
huge way to reprint our publications and books will reach the discerning

Our account details.


State Bank Of India 

T.nagar branch 

Savings account number 


Ifs code.sbin0001020

Swift code.SBININBB462 




Samata books


Email: samatabooks at gmail.com

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