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Dear Bhaskar mahaseya,                                            I feel vedenta is  mainly vedic interpretation/upanishad's extrapolation/Avatura Pursuha's message to the dharmic people. When Swami Dayananda Sarawathi visited my place some 20 yrs back to give a discourse on 'Gita Bhashya', I put the same question to him after the discourse regarding the initiation to learn vedanta, he said to me if you have inclination/urge to learn , you can start from any where and this will not apply to vedanta acharya and he needs to be Adhikari or competent enough to teach vedanta. Learner need to be a Adhikari, he will get that over a period of time.
Then comming to Brahmmavidya, yes it definitely gupa, gupta tara, Sampradaya, rahasya, rahasyati rahasya. As you mentioned Sh. Bhaskararaya Makhin mentions in his commentary on lalita sahasrnama bhashyam and Varivasya, Adhikarata is must to start the sadhana, He should have string faith in the veda pramana.He may not be adhikari to begin with (unless otherwise you practise, you can't become adhiakri. but Bhaskararaya say he shouldn't be "Na satya, Na Dustaya, Na Viswasaya kadachit" to begin. Some times, your birth may give the adhikarata (I mean some people by birth they may get adhikari's as they might have borned in ghanapathi/devatarachana/vyesya deva families).Ls-Phala sruthi- 44Pasu thulya sa vijneya thasmai datham nirarthakam,
Pareekshya vidhya vidhusha thasmai dadhya dwichakshana 

There is no point in giving the MANTRA to animal like people,& it should be given to those who are learned and wise (adhikari's). i.e He can Hold that.

Ultimately the seed of initiation grows, becomes a tree in the physical  body. people gets the physical body to get the liberation which is nothing but the mantra, I mean as the mantra grows, physical body grows (which in not due to external food feeding). 
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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Hare Krishna

whenever I chant veda maNtra-s publicly using mic , whenever I hear recordings of gAyatri maNtra and other veda sUkta / maNtra-s, public discourses like geeta jnAna yagna,  vedAnta in loud speakers etc. I do have a doubt that can it be made public without taking proper care of adhikAra??  vedAnta is guhya vidyA should not be taught to anadhikAri-s reiterates saMpradAya, bhAshyakAra says before taking up brahmavidyA jignAsa sAdhana chatushtaya is must,  lord too says in geeta idam te nAtapaskAya, nA bhaktAya kadAchana, should not be taught to the one who is not serving his guru etc. because this vidyA is paramaM guhyaM.  But what we are seeing today??  all veda-vedAnta geeta available to all openly irrespective of adhikAra.  we are making it proudly  public.  Is this relaxation allowed in the current situation (kAladharma) ??  Just curious to know the traditional clarification with regard to this.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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