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There isno first time - The creation is beginningless since the root cause for karmaand vaasanas is the notion that I am jeeva due to ignorance of my true nature.Ignorance cannot have a beginning - For example, when did my ignorance ofChemistry start? From the beginning, I did not know Chemistry - but it can endwhen I gained the knowledge of Chemistry from the right teacher. The sameapplies to self-ignorance - one has to get the right knowledge from the rightteacher to gain self-knowledge. 


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 Dear fellow Advaitins,
The vasanas are carried by the Sukshma sharira which incarnates, and develops the notion of a jeeva. How did the vasanas come to be in the first place to cause the incarnation? 
First, Am I asking the right question?
If you can direct me to texts that would explain this I would be grateful.
Thank you.
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