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> Dear Advaitins, greetings.
> It seems the three, Brhman, Avidya, Maya are all related. Both Brhman and
> Avidya are without beginning and unlimited.
>  Avidya ends with vidya. Brhman gets concealed by Maya.
> Maya is not in us, it is out there in the world, just like Avidya and
> Brhman are. Maya evolves from Brhman, Brhmashrya.
> But we the jeevas are affected by both avidya as well as maya.
> We are caused by Avidya and deluded by Maya.
> It seems to me the texts say the cure for avidya is vidya, and the cure
> for Maya is samadhi.
> Does this sound right?
> Is there another way of thinking about this?

As per the bhashya to the last verse of the 13th chapter of the Bh.Gita,
the discriminating knowledge/realization that one is not the body mind
complex but the knower-Consciousness AND the knowledge that Prakriti/Maya
that causes the world is in truth non-existent, results in liberation.  '

In other words, the discourse of the 13th chapter which teaches about the
world, Brahman/Atman results in Atman knowledge and the unreality of the
Prakriti. The Kshetram = Maya and its products, is observed, vedyam and the
kshetrajna Consciousness is the observer. That the Prakriti/Maya is
observed is sufficient reason for its mithyatva.


> Thank you very much.
> Soma
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