[Advaita-l] 2. Re: Polemic Articles | Indica Today (Amith Vikram)

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Wed Jan 26 20:15:28 EST 2022

FYI here are more full reflections SSS and Ashraya - bottom of page 124; Section 10https://adhyatmaprakasha.org/php/bookreader/templates/book.php?type=english&book_id=042&pagenum=0000ai#page/152/mode/1up
Namaste Vindoh ji,

Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. I am not sure if I fully
and clearly understand Sri SSS's position on this as I haven't studied his
works in detail.

However, this is a good thing because if you permit, I can use your points
within this article before getting it published. If you'd like to write a
separate paragraph aligning with the article or if you don't mind me using
this - anything is fine with me.

Please let me know!


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