[Advaita-l] Vishnu is abhimani devata for the organ 'paada', leg - Bodhayana Grihya Sutra

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Namo Namaha
Golden extraction and explanation by you Subbu Mahodya.

Harih Om

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> During the Sri Rudra Parayana there is the practice of chanting the Laghu
> Nyasa. The passages chanted in the present day dates back to the Bodhayana
> Girhya Sutra, of estimated 5th Century BCE. There occurs the expression
> 'paadayoH vishnuH tiShThatu' (Leg Vishnu preside over the legs). This shows
> that Vishnu is the presiding deity for the organ leg. See image below.
> This has been stated by Shankara too in the Taittiriya Bhashya while
> commenting on the Shanti mantra 'shan no vishnururukramaH'. The
> Srimadbhagavatam too specifies that Hari is the abhimani devata for the
> leg.
> In this article one can see many other interesting aspects of the Bodhayana
> Grihya Sutra:
> https://adbhutam.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/selections-from-bodhayana-gruhya-sutras.pdf
> In the Kannada book 'Saswara Veda mantraah' (of the Ramakrishna Mutt), the
> laghu nyasa part occurs on p.115. This is what is followed widely today.
> Here for the hands the presiding deity is Indra while in the Grihya sutra
> version it is Rudra.
> I thank Sri K.Aravinda Rao for reminding me of the Bodhayana resource.
> warm regards
> subbu
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