[Advaita-l] Panchayatana Puja mentioned in Shiva Puranam

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                                                                 Generally we called it as Devata archana like you mentioned worshipping of Lord in the forms of LINGA along with GANESHA (In the form of Red Stone), SUN, CHANDRA (Stones), VISHNU (Salagrama sila), Mother Godess (Sri Chakra) 
YES, it is true that this is the ancient much before Shanakara's period or it may be belongs to Tretayuga Kal.
Only Certian Rules & Procedures are there to keep the Panchayatana (Devata Archana/ ViesyaDevam) that Daily you have to wash all the gods/godess, do the abhishegam, APPLY sandalwood paste , cover with Bilva/Tulasi/Flowers , finally offering the Naivedya as Prasadam.
This has to be strictly applied even some one is in Journey also or out of station.
In any un-avoidable circumstances, one can skip the abhishga/archana , but washing of all gods/godess is complusory there by putting the box in bilva lea
During the Asoucha period, the job can be replaceRCUM/can be done by any of friends/neighbours.
I saw people carrying with them even in their journeys/yatras. Exemptions can only be in the emergency cases or deaths of the nearest members of the family. If some one is doing aparakrama, then he can leave the devatarchana unattended. (This is the only exemption for any worshipper).
Any one can includes "Nityaagni Hotra" along with the devatarchana.
one can chant srisukta, purusha sukta, rudra namaka, chamaka while bathing the stones.
We used to have all these things & perform at our ancestroal House and due to kterioali prabhava & busy schedules of our modern life, our cultures are getting deteriated.
Even I fear that the future generations may not know these terms/names/modes of worshipping as many peoples most of the TIME was pre-occupied by all social networking activities (fb/whatsapp/instagram/emails/websites/computers/electronic medias).
All the activities are to be learned or taught from  Guru Mukhata  and I warn the seekers not to perform anything on their own without any guidance from fathers/fore fathers/Gurus/elders of the family members.
You never know that any single mistake may results in any adverse effects.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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Panchayatana worship is as ancient as anything. It is prescribed in Shiva
Purana itself so we can understand that it is an ancient method not
invented by Shankara or advaitins. For shiva Puja this is prescribed.
"विघ्नेशादित्यविष्णूनामंबायाश्च शिवस्य च ।
शिवस्यशिवलिंगं च सर्वदा पूजयेद्द्विज ।|" (Shiva Purana 1:16:8)
"The five deities Ganesha, Sun, Vishnu, Parvati and Shiva shall be
worshipped in their images. However a Brahmana shall worship Shiva in his
linga form".
This is from a chapter where idol worship procedure is elaborated.
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