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analysis in 2022
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*Śiva in text before the common era: an analysis in 2022

*Abstract*: Is the term Śiva, as a noun, attested only in the itihāsa-s and
purāṇa-s, and therefore, in existence supposedly only after around 500 BCE?
Was Śiva a minor, non-supreme, figure in the text corpus indigenous to the
Indian subcontinent before Śvetāśvataropaniṣad? Does clear and reliable
evidence for organized sectarian worship of Śiva exist only after the
beginning of the common era? If you were to look for answers to these
questions in the entry for "Shaivism" in the Oxford Bibliographies—which
sports a tagline "Your best research starts here"—or Wikipedia, you will
find either answers or sources to answers, in the near affirmative, to all
questions above. This paper will foreground evidence that problematizes
answers in the affirmative to the above-mentioned questions. It will do so,
in part, by foregrounding evidence about Śiva from Aṣṭādaśavidyā texts that
appear missing in at least those essays considered "up-to-date
introductions on the historical development of the Shaiva sectarian
traditions'' by Peter Bisschop, the author of the entry for "Shaivism" in
the Oxford Bibliographies.


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