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Sun May 8 15:17:58 EDT 2022

Dear All,

I am forwarding the announcement from Indica Moksha. I am excited about
this event and look forward to listening to all the speakers. You can view
the Full Schedule & Register using this link - 3rd Global Festival of
Oneness (GFO -22) - Indica Events


Indica Moksha (Advaita Academy) is pleased to announce the 3rd ‘Global
Festival of Oneness’ (GFO2022) celebrating one of the foremost thinkers and
socio-cultural-spiritual architects in the history of mankind from the
Indian sub-continent – Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya (Shankara).

We will be celebrating a month-long festival from May 06 till June 05 and
we will feature around 50 Scholars, Sages, and Seekers to share Shankara’s
life and works across multiple dimensions that include Philosophy, Oneness,
Leadership, and more.

There will be two sessions per day.

The morning session (7:00am-8.30am IST) will focus upon a thematic
treatment of Shankaracharya’s Prashtana-traya Bhashya and his other works
aimed at benefiting serious seekers of Vedanta.

The evening session (7:00pm-8.00pm IST) will focus upon highlighting not
only the life and contributions of Shankaracharya, but also on ‘Applied
Vedanta’, how Advaita is useful today in negotiating with today’s problems
in various fields.

Interested should register separately for morning and evening sessions.

To Register: 3rd Global Festival of Oneness (GFO -22) - Indica Events

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