[Advaita-l] Prakriti

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Sun May 8 23:31:34 EDT 2022


Speaking from the viewpoint of duality:
- puruSha : Is agent who is doer of karma
- prakRiti : Is the store house of puruSha's karma

All experiences of the puruSha are generated out of prakRiti.
Since ancient times, people have found eightfold partitioning of 
 prakRiti very useful: Five mahAbhUta-s, manaH, buddhi and ahamkAra.
People have also found it useful to classify the state of activation/ excitement
of prakRiti into three broad classes: rajas, sattva and tamas.

gItA and bhAgavatam consider this topic to be the foundation of EVERYTHING.
maharShi kapila has done us a supreme service by formulating this shAstra,
known as sAmkhya. It is said that this shAstra enables one to experience
or "see" the teachings of the veda-s in operation in day-to-day life.

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