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Sringeri Vidyāśaṅkara Temple Astronomical Theater

Viswa Nath Sharma

An astronomical theater with twelve zodiac pillars having a zodiac sign
carved on them is the Navaraṅga of the Vidyāśaṅkara Temple at Sringeri, a
town established by Shankaracharya. The pillars are illuminated each month,
causing observers to conjecture that the illumination patterns represent a
calendar. Scientific studies at the temple have not been able to resolve
the issue.

The present work reveals with scriptural support that the Vidyāśaṅkara
temple is a Sun Temple unique in India and the world. It reveals many
intriguing secrets of Sanātana Dharma (Hinduism) and its astronomy as
narrated by the architecture. It shows how well Veda, Vedanta, Vedāṅga
Jyotiṣa (astrology), Yoga, Vāstu Shāstra, Āgama (canons of temple culture)
and Tantra (esoteric doctrines of religious practice) are harmoniously
blended in the construction of the Vidyāśaṅkara temple.

The book provides captivating foundational facts like the religious purpose
of the temples; how the grand temple architectures are designed to meet
stated purposes; how to understand the biological basis of Hindu Astronomy,
Ayurveda, Astrology, Festivals and Yoga of the Sanātana Dharma civilization
and many more cultural aspects.

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