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Post in FB by Sri Natraj Maneshinde who visited Sri G.R.Patil at Dharwad

  Shri G R Patil (Ganapati Ramachandra Patil) ji  is a disciple of
Pandita-prakaanda Shri Bhalachandra Shastri ji of Dharwad. Patil ji is well
known for debunking the myth of Akshobhya Tirtha vs Vidyaranya Swamiji’s
debate which had been zealously circulated in Maadhva circles.
Today, I had the fortune of meeting Patil ji at his residence. We had a
discussion for about 90 minutes on various topics of our Sampradaya. I was
baffled by Patil ji’s kindness and humility. In the course of our
 conversation, not even once did I sense a tinge of ego on his part.  I
specifically wanted to discuss a couple points on the authorship of
Manasollasa Vartika (commentary by Shri Sureshvaracharya on Dakshinamurthy
stotram of Bhagavatpada) and Patil ji was extremely patient and encouraging
in reviewing the material collected by me.
Even at this ripe age, Patil ji engages himself in authoring rebuttals to
the objections raised by Non-advaitians. His intention behind doing so is
very clear. Patil ji says that it isn’t our concern to convince our
opponents otherwise. But, we ought to make efforts to convince our own
people on the authenticity of our Sampradaya, so that they arent deterred
by such objections.  Another thing that I noticed in him was his
fearlessness. His depth of study has given him such a strong conviction
that he has no hesitations in putting across his thoughts in the public
Patil ji also blessed me with numerous books writtern/edited by him and
refused to take any money in return. When I insisted him to let me pay for
the books, Patil ji said,  ‘We don’t write to make money. Our intention is
only to make more and more people aware’.
Such Shraddha towards the sampradaya, zeal and  selfless attitude in
preaching the same and rigorous research skills, are something that every
Smaarta must strive to inculcate.
We Smaarta-s will ever be grateful to Shri Patil ji for all his
contributions to the Sampradaya and much more grateful to Shri Bhalachandra
Shastri ji for forging such a brilliant scholar in the Pathshala of
Dharwad. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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