[Advaita-l] Paul Hacker on Avidya in Brahma Sutras

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> One of things I've learned from this paper is the degree that
> Sureswaracharya differs from Bhasyakara. That opposes SSS's position of
> Sankara and Sureswara siddhanta parampara - I invite comments from SSS
> devotees.
I'd like to point out inconsistencies in not following sampradAya proper as
I see in this thread itself. When inquired of the traditional learning of a
Stanford article author supporting SSS' views on avidyA, he was quoted to
be a student of Sw. Dayanandaji. However, Pujya Sw. Dayanandaji was
critical of SSS' views! I have heard that SSS agreed with Bhagavan
Sureshvaracharya. However, now we have a selective pick of
Sureshvaracharya's teachings too, as he is seen to differ from Bhashyakara.
Maybe, Subbuji or Chandramouliji who studied SSS' works well could help us
understand as to what was really SSS' view if and when he saw differences
between the two?
1) If he stuck with Bhashyakara, then he didn't really agree with
2) If he did agree with Sureshvaracharya, then the uncompromising Bhashya
view will stand compromised.
3) If he saw both as valid, then it is akin to the sub-commentators that
explain multiple perspectives.
4) If he saw no differences between the two, then it is akin to the
sub-commentators that explain the samanvaya in multiple positions.

In the case of 3 or 4, there is no point in pointing fingers at the
sub-commentators when those who point flaws did the same!


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