[Advaita-l] What is the subtle body made of?

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> Namaste. This is Greg.
> Does Advaita speaks of the subtle body? If so, then what is the subtle body
> made of? And when is it created?

Yes, Advaita accepts subtle body. It is made up of this subtle
panchabhutas. It is no doubt created but the question  does not apply here.
Samsara is Anadi no time can be specified for the beginning of the subtle
body. The subtle body will not die every time the gross body dies.  The end
to the subtle body occurs when the end to the last gross body of the Jiva
happens when he has attained realisation and the prarabdha karma is over.
At the juncture the subtle body dissolves into its causal elements. This
marks the end to the transmigration of that jiva.


> Thank you.
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