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Dear Members,                          Yesterday speaking tree article speaks about some thing benefits after the elimination of EGO by swami Sukhabodhananda. Swamiji was an excellent vedanta vorator & conducts spiritual classes at various levels across the globe. His excellent Book on " Oh! Mind Relax Please" is one of its kind and it is a treasure from most of his work. He puts the essence of the vedanta in simple terms so that even a common man (aam admi) can easily assimilate the contents.      Towards a Question of a Disciple on " Where does True Happiness Lies"?. Swamiji replied like this: 
One shouldn't look for the happiness in the external world  and in the world of objects (which can give the objective of Life). He has found pleasure in the materialistic world and one should differentiate between Happiness & Pleasure. 
Pleasure is something give by the sense organs (panchendriya's) where as Happiness lies within and it is not known to the human naked eye unless you cut your own ego.
Vidya is not collecting the information going to a college & getting a degree. It can be obtained only by " SUSHRUSHA" to a GURU. Man has looked for the happiness outside and found the pleasure and believes both are same. In reality, they are not, Different completely in all aspects.
To Look within means, look inside the body, look inside the mind, look inside the feelings. When some one starts looking within , he can fins some empty space within the mind, within the body, within the feelings, which is can sometimes be termed as Freedom (although none has that). The beyond ness in the inner space is not limited to body, mind, emotions & feelings.
In the Deep Sleep (Turiya), no one feel body, mind, feelings , but still feels a joy of Happiness. 
Misery is the Result of EGO, and EGO's existence only in misery.
If you have misery (there by the birth of EGO) and one can never get Happiness. Misery can exsists in all states effortlessly. 
EGO can be defines as " An arrogant self which is proud of its achievements". EGO can be eliminated by cultivating HUMILITY.  Joy comes in HUMBLENESS, In True Joy, EGO can'T exsists. 
We are Imprisioned by our own EGO and bounded in that cage. Since we have ego, we can'T grow spiritually, Ego is like a Rock which will not allow the Human plant going into the deep roots in the Ground. Understanding that EGO is like a grave and one shouldn't live in a grave and it is not a safe place to live.
But EGO has its own energy: One has to Transform this energy into JOY, HAPPINESS, HUMILITY & HUMBLNESS Which can give LOVE leads to HAPPINESS.
Prostrations to the lotus feet of Swami Sri Sukhabodhananda for his wondefull expression of vedantic interpretation in simple terms.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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