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Although Shri Prashant Parikhji's views are absolutely true, However, I too have my own explanations:Pls don't Mind and we can always debate in drawing the valid conclusions.
My write up on this thread nothing related to 'Vedanta', Only I mentioned that the writer (speaker) is a excellent Vedantic Teacher, a Disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi whoom I met personally a decade back at my place on his visit and had a intense discussion on 'Vedantic Teaching'.
Then comming back to issues of the thread:
Yes, It is true that Unfoldment of Sampradayavit  automatically makes to rise in Self-knowledge by going through various shastra's which can gives the Sabda Pramana by Traditional ancient teaching methods.As Prashant rightly mentions that The measurement scale for Happiness is by degree only & it varies from Invidual to Invidual. Even The creator's Happiness after shrishti is limited i.e Countable as mentioned by Acharya Sadanandaji to me.
My expression of Freedom is that: If we increase the space in the mind which can make any one to analyze the self critically (without any biasedness) so that it may lead to Happiness which can give the path to Moksha. (I may be wrong/ we can debate here)
Unless otherwise, If we can't sublimate the Ego/Ahamkara, It is difficult to attain mukti due to the fact that our outwards expression always give the pride which is the seed for Ego.
I am fully agree with your blunt views regarding the corporate cultures in the present scenarios, Whether it is corporate Vedanta or Modernized/commercialized  Vedanta or any vedanta, Most of the qualities are easily Cultivated which are otherwise difficult to get in the present scenarios due to that fact that ' The ancient Traditional Guru Kuls System of Teaching ' is getting detiorated day by day and We may wonder to see that it vanishes by end of this century. 
Although Happiness may be relative or whatever it may be, Ultimate Objective/Goal  of Human Life is to get Happiness ONLY which can lead to the path of Moksha.
Finally I am not clear here : but the jnana tends to be in virodh to the actual teaching and may become a major impediment to the pursuit
Learners are requested to contribute their views so that we can Debate/understand the concept better
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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