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Dear Members,  18. Swamiji gave lectures at Chappra Town Hall, Katra, Shreepalpur, Chandpur and established branches of Dhramasangha at Jaunpur [Brith place of Padma sri (Late) Prof. Lalji Singh, ex-director CCMB, Founder & First Officer on Special Duty CDFD and ex-VC of BHU, Varanasi and my beloved mentor during my post-doctoral studies in the CSIR-New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative Project on Cancer Biomarkers]. He stayed ar Azamgarh and travelled to Chandeshwar, solpur, Umarhua Kuti, Mandanpur, Mirpur, Kurthi, Dhabaria & Kaupganj. He retuned back to Kasi in 1941.
19. In the year 1942, In the month of Chaitra, he gave lectures at Bairely & held the conference of Dharmasangha, Proceeded to Haridwar & Had a leg Fracture, Stayed at rishikesh for one month.
20. In the month of Jyestha of 1942, He travelled to Vrindavan from rishikesh by foot.  He organised conference on dharmasangha & session at dehradun, saharanpur, Muzafffarnagar, Meerut, Haapur, Peelkhuba. In these yatras, Swami Krishnabodh Ashrmaji also accompanied swamiji.  These two great torch bearers of Santana Dharma have spread the message of dharma in almost every village in between ganga & Yamuna around delhi and reached Indraprastha. 
21. In the year 1943, He reached Lahore & held a religious conference on Dharmasangha for four days. He stayed there for 21 days & established a brach of dahrmasangha there and opposed the formation of different country and partition of Bharatavarsha. 
22. On 4/5/1943, He had organized a religious conference at Amritsar, Punjab, established a branch there, attended parashurama jayanthi, Proceed to Rawalpindi under heavy rainfall & cod there by detiroating his health, finally reached to Kashmir & Offered prayers to the Holy Cave of Amarnath.
23. Inspite of his extreme ill heath conditions, he reached to frontier parts of the country, spread the message of dharma by hosting the flag of Dhrmasangha. He inspired many people to study the dharma shastras engage in activities according to shastric injuctions. 
Dharma ka Jai Ho! Swami Karapatriji ka Jai Jai Ho!!
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu


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