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Sri Michael,

On the topic of dualists, I find a lot of comfort in the following kaarikas
of Gaudapadacharya, in which he (and later Shankara in his bhashya) argues
that even though the dvaitins (of different dvaita philosophies) hold on to
their view and find fault with others, Advaita has no conflict with them.
This is because Advaita admits the dvaita position from a maayika

In the case at hand, for an Advaitin, having bhakti toward a particular
dvaitic name and form is no different from reflecting one’s Atma-svarupa,
the names and forms being no different from the Atma and being merely
illusory projections.

स्वसिद्धान्तव्यवस्थासु द्वैतिनो निश्चिता दृढम् ।
परस्परं विरुध्यन्ते तैरयं न विरुध्यते ॥ १७ ॥

svasiddhāntavyavasthāsu dvaitino niścitā dṛḍham |
parasparaṃ virudhyante tairayaṃ na virudhyate || 17 ||

17. *The dualists obstinately cling to the conclusions arrived at by their
own enquiries (as being the truth). So they contradict one another*; *whereas
the* Advaitin *finds no conflict with them.*

अद्वैतं परमार्थो हि द्वैतं तद्भेद उच्यते ।
तेषाम् उभयथा द्वैतं तेनायं न विरुद्ध्यते ॥ १८ ॥

advaitaṃ paramārtho hi dvaitaṃ tadbheda ucyate |
teṣām ubhayathā dvaitaṃ tenāyaṃ na viruddhyate || 18 ||

18. *As non-duality is the ultimate Reality*, *therefore duality is said to
be its effect* (Kārya *or* Bheda). *The dualists perceive duality either
way* (*i.e., both in the Absolute and in the phenomena*). *Therefore the
non-dual position does not conflict with the dualist’s position.*

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> Sri V. Subramanian and all,
> S.S. Raghavachar is a Ramanuja guy. His preface to Sri Bhasya announces
> that the Sankara Sutra Bhasya idea of nirguna brahman as the ultimate
> teaching of Vedanta is wrong as, "it has been established conclusively (in
> this text) that the supposedly higher teaching attributed to the text as
> its authentic purport is entirely without evidence"
> https://archive.org/details/sribhashyaonthephilosophyofthebrahmasutrassraghavachar1986ocr/page/n11/mode/2up

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