[Advaita-l] [advaitin] A lovely depiction of 'dva suparna' in Tamil

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Namaste Subbu ji
The speaker Smt. Bharati Bhaskar is a well-known Tamil speaker. Paradoxically, she has also good capacity to present and praise different people in power based on the situation such as here where she goes ga-ga and praises the leaders of the adharmic Dravidian movement viz., Stalin and Karunanidhi. 
Such is the pressure exerted against the Sanatana Dharma today in Tamil Nadu that even speakers for Dharma have to praise asuric forces. 


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In this short speech on various aspects of ancient Tamil literature the speaker Bharati Bhaskar touches upon the famous upnishadic mantra 'dvaa suparna.'  She makes a disclaimer that she has no knowledge of the upanishads in depth excepting reading Tamil translations.  She beautifully brings out the Advaitic purport of this mantra. She says that there are no two birds really but only one appearing to be the Jeeva and the immutable Atman.
The rest of this speech is a delectable treat to lovers of Tamil literature.

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