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Chaturamnaya mailing list
The mailing list "Chaturamnaya" has been created for the discussion on Advaita Vedanta
taught by the four principal Sankara Maths. Please see the list FAQ and Rules below and
join the list at http://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/cgi-bin/listinfo/chaturamnaya
(The FAQ and Rules will be updated every now and then, hence please consult the latest version
available in the list archives).
Chaturamnaya Mailing List FAQ
Q: What are the Chaturamnaya Maths?
A: The Chaturamnaya Maths are the Four Maths in the tradition of Adi Sankara located in India
at Sringeri (South), Dwaraka (West), Jyotirmath/Badrinath (North) and Puri (East).
Q: Why is there a need for a mailing list dedicated to the Chaturamnaya Maths?
A: The Chaturamnaya Maths stand out in distinction from the other Advaita institutions
in the following ways:
1. The Four Maths are historically the oldest surviving institutions of Advaita teaching
in the world.
-According to the extant biographies of Adi Sankara such as the Madhaviya Sankara Digvijayam,
He is said to have established Maths in "Sringeri and other places".
2. The Four Maths trace their lineage of Gurus directly to Adi Sankara.
-The Guru-Shishya Parampara is central to the teaching of Advaita Vedanta.
3. The Four Maths lead people to follow the path of Dharma.
-These Maths have remained free of Ethical or Moral controversies during their entire history.
Last but certainly not the least:
4. The Dashanami Sannyasins who have propagated Advaita Vedanta to all corners of India (if not
the world) owe allegiance to these Four Maths.
-"Saraswati", "Puri" and "Bharati" belong to the Sringeri Math; "Tirtha" and "Asrama" belong to
the Dwaraka Math; "Giri", "Parvata" and "Sagara" belong to the Jyotir Math; "Vana" and "Aranya"
belong to the Puri Math.
Q: How can I join the Chaturamnaya mailing list?
A: One can subscribe to the list from the homepage at:
The email address of the list is:
chaturamnaya at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
The archives are at:
Rules of the Chaturamnaya Mailing List
The list has exactly one purpose - to study with reverence the teachings of the Chaturamnaya Maths.
The focus of the list will remain firmly on the teachings of the Chaturamnaya Maths, but there
will be no restrictions on the discussion of any topic related to Vedic Dharma - including views
opposed to the teachings of the Four Maths - provided it is accepted that the AUTHORITY OF THE
CHATURAMNAYA MATHS ON ANY TOPIC IS FINAL. That is, rival or opposing views can be discussed on
the list, with the caveat that the last word on the topic will be that of the Four Maths.
It is requested that list members try to limit their postings to no more than two per day.

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