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Dear Members, Here are the fine account details of my last spiritual journey in India regarding MALAYAPPA SWAMI's i.e Lord Balaji's Utsava Murthy in the MADA streets of Tirumala Hills. TTD temple opens at early morning 3AM, before the Brahmma Muhurt with the help of a GOLLA (A typical Gopalak Family, an ardent devotee of Balaji) with the help of an hand made Oil lamp Stick (Kagada) who has the first Darshanam out of 1000 many years, after that only the chief priest enters the main Garbhalaya to remove the last night's nirmalya with a curtain closure at the entrance of Jaya-Vijaya Gate. In this process, simultaneously the morning prayer chants by Veda pandits with "Kaushalya Supraja Rama Purva Sandhya Pravartate, Uttista Nara Sardula Kartavyam Deva Mahnikam,  Uttistotista Govinda Uttista Garudadwaja",  popularly known as Arjitha Suprabhata Seva, costs a Tkt of Rs 120/- only which can only take any devotee to cross 6 dwara's (Gates) untill the last one. No one is allowed to cross that to enter Garbhalaya except the Chief Priest. Suprabhata literally means requesting the God to getup from the sleep to ordain the duties of the day as the sunrise is going to happen in few Ghadiya's (1 Ghadiya= 40 minutes). This seva takes 30-40 minutes of time. After that , Jalabhisheka starts for 30 minutes with Akasa Ganga brought by Sant Tirumalanambi Family members. Immediately Tomala seva starts with various Flower Mala's Decoration to the Main Diety.Some days will have Nija Pada Darshanam, Netra Darshanam, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanam, Sahasra Kalasabhishekam as per Bhagavad Ramanujacharya's Kimkarya Procedures....... Continued in the next
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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