[Advaita-l] Question of Yoga Vashishta

VTCS Rao vtcsrao at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 03:41:00 EDT 2022

Dear learned group,

I have a couple of questions that often bother me; the group may have discussed earlier.

1. Yoga Vashishta (YV)  is by same Sage Valmiki, presumably before Shankara and others, with profound wisdom. Then why did Sankara make any reference to it, despite its richness in content. Not sure whether Ramanuja made any reference to YV in his texts.

2. Parts of ItiHasas are considered as essential texts for Sadhana (eg, Gita, Sanatsujatiya etc). Why didn't parts of Vasishta Ramayana, find a reference spot in Prakarana Grantham even. Is it that only works by Veda Vyasa (Edited or written) are considered as Pramanas?

Appreciate comments from the elite group members.

Best Regards/  VTCS

VTCS Rao, Dean L&T IPM

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