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On Thu, 22 Sep 2022, Bhaskar YR via Advaita-l wrote:

> My doubt is :  who did the pada vibhAga of veda saMhita portion??
> Is it  done by vEdavyAsa who did the segregation of veda-s??

If I remember correctly, the Rk Samhitas' pada patha was by Shakalya who 
was a contemporary of or slightly older than Panini.  He did the 
Taittiriya pada patha too and the Vajasaneyi pada patha is by Katyayana 
the vartiikakara.  I'm not sure about the other shakas.

> any stipulated 
> rules (grammar rules) for doing pada ccheda which is the basis for 
> chanting the saMhita mantra-s in krama, jata, ghana pATa pattern??

Vyakarana literally means padachheda.  The formation of the pada patha 
was the first acheivement of the vaiyakaranas and many sutras of Panini 
deal the rules although in a general way.  For specific shakhas there are 
more specialized texts called pratishakhyas.  The vedanga shiksha (many 
texts by various authours) is also important for this.

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