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Thu Sep 22 03:35:00 EDT 2022

On Thu, 22 Sep 2022, Bhaskar YR wrote:

> May I also ask is there any credible reference to who did the pada 
> vibhAga of krishna Yajurveda saMhita portion and the base of shiksha & 
> pratishakhya.  Any reference of any printed version with regard to this 
> would be beneficial.  I have pada pATha of KYS from some Sri vaishNava 
> publication but required details are not there.

After I wrote that I remembered I had a book on Madhyandina 
Shuklayajurveda padapatha by Yudhishthira Mimamsaka and it has a Sanskrit 
introduction where he says it is also by Shakalya not Katyayana as I 
wrote.  I also made a mistake about the Taittireya Krishnayajurveda pada 
patha is by one Atreya not Shakalya as I wrote

He also says the (kauthuma) Samaveda padapatha is jointly by Shakalya and 
Gargya.  It is no longer known who did the atharvaveda pada patha and 
other shakhas because their traditions are so disrupted.

Unfortunately I can't really help with printed editions only ever having 
been interested in my own shakha and not in printed books even with that.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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