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Kaushik Chevendra chevendrakaushik at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 03:23:21 EDT 2022


In the above page a shree vaishnava comments-
"I find that yours is the only blog which gives the right place to the
Greatest Acharya Sri Adi shankara. This is nothing but telling the truth.
His commentaries on shruthis and other sacred scriptures of hindus are
pure, untainted, steadfast and incomparable. If you try to search for a
blemishanywhere in them you will definitely feel sorry. Modern neo hindus
unable to live upto the virgin commandments of our shastraswith
deficiencies in them try to blame the Acharya and in the process incur
terrible sins. Who can surpass or better him? Perhaps he himself if he
wants to. Those who abide in the truth and the virtues which lead to truth
can only appreciate this Great Divinity who had descended to earth in the
form of Shiva himself. Being a sreevaishnava myself I cannot forego my
adulations to the Acharya. He cannot be failed as he is the embodiment of
truth. Falsehood attributed to him will fall off like adulterated paint on
an Object of Gold. I pray to him to bless us always and through eternity in
all our unavoidable future re-births. His very gaze from that classic
painting adorning his devotees wall will purify and sanctify that place.
Such is his elevated order!"

Of course the greatness of acharya remains steady even when a person can
understand his greatness or not as the intrinsic strength of something
remains independent of the observer.

namo narayana

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