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Not sure about the sushupti state. There is Shankara Bhasya
in Brihardaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.20 (for example) that indicates the Jnani
may have the same knowledge in the dream state.

This text talks about the case of a Ajnani as he makes progress, and
describes when Avidya is attenuated, that person's waking state impressions
including the Sarvatmabhava show up in dream state as well.

एवम् अत्यन्तप्रक्षीयमाणा अविद्या उद्भूता च विद्या सर्वात्मविषया यदा, तदा
स्वप्नेऽपि तद्भावभावितः — अहमेवेदं सर्वोऽस्मीति मन्यते ;

Then again, where ignorance decreases and knowledge increases, the text
describes the content and nature of the knowledge - Even in a dream it is
said that he is enthroned in the kingdom like a god and like a king (as it

स यः सर्वात्मभावः, सोऽस्य आत्मनः परमो लोकः परम आत्मभावः स्वाभाविकः ।

That, this *identity with all* (the universe) is his highest state, the
Atman’s own natural, supreme state.

यत्तु सर्वात्मभावादर्वाक् वालाग्रमात्रमपि अन्यत्वेन दृश्यते — नाहमस्मीति,
तदवस्था अविद्या ;

When, prior to this realization of *sarvatma bhava* (identity with all), he
views the latter as other than himself even by a hair’s breadth, thinking,
“This is not myself”, *that is still the state of avidya (ignorance).*

तान् संव्यवहारविषयान् लोकानपेक्ष्य अयं सर्वात्मभावः समस्तोऽनन्तरोऽबाह्यः,
सोऽस्य परमो लोकः ।
तस्मात् अपकृष्यमाणायाम् अविद्ययाम् , विद्यायां च काष्ठं गतायाम् ,
सर्वात्मभावो मोक्षः, यथा स्वयञ्ज्योतिष्ट्वं स्वप्ने प्रत्यक्षत उपलभ्यते
तद्वत् , विद्याफलम् उपलभ्यत इत्यर्थः ।

Compared with the state of Avidya, the absolute state of identity with all,
infinite and without interior or exterior, is his supreme state.

There, when ignorance is eliminated and knowledge reaches its perfection,
the state of identity with all, which is another name for liberation, is

That is to say,* just as the self-effulgence of the Atman is directly
perceived in the dream state*, so is this result of knowledge.

Important to note the Bhasya considers the litmus test is *Sarvatmabhava*,
in contrast to the popular commentary and books that  'doubtless knowledge'
is itself sufficient!


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