[Advaita-l] Chitta vRutti nirOdha

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Thu Sep 29 09:03:54 EDT 2022

Dear friends, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says :Quote :

M : Again people often ask how the mind is controlled. I say tothem,

“Show me the mind and then you will know what to do.” The factis

that the mind is only a bundle of thoughts. How can youextinguish it

by the thought of doing so or by a desire? Your thoughts anddesires

are part and parcel of the mind. The mind is simply fattened bynew

thoughts rising up. Therefore it is foolish to attempt to killthe mind by means of the mind. The only way of doing it is to find its sourceand hold on to it. The mind will then fade away of its own accord. Yoga teacheschitta vritti nirodha (control of the activities of the mind). But I sayAtma vichara (Self-investigation). This is the practical way.Chittavritti nirodha is brought about in sleep, swoon or by starvation. As soonas the cause is withdrawn there is recrudescence of thoughts. Of what use is itthen? In the state of stupor there is peace and no misery. But misery recurswhen the stupor is removed. So nirodha (control) is useless and cannotbe of lasting benefit.
                                               [ Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi; Dialogue  485]
Unquote .Any comments from the scholar members of this group?With respectful namaskars ,Sreenivasa Murty

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