Everyone please read and respond !

Ravi r0m6887 at TAM2000.TAMU.EDU
Tue Aug 13 09:04:30 CDT 1996

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My respects to you all,

	I personally favor using  a proper transliteration scheme for
Sanskrit ( or any other Indian languages like Tamil). 

	The irritation one gets by seeing capital letters in the
middle of the words is just another mental block. It would be nice if
the standard transliteration symbols are available as we have the
European display set like ã, ñ ß, á ä so on ( hope it
is visible on your terminal, with emacs you can easily use these

	I recently bought a book on lalita sahasranaamam, I was glad
to see that they had used the phonetic alphabets even in the middle of
English text. If you don't use them, how else will you distinguish
between rama and raama, I have seen many using rema to bring out this
difference which is incorrect anyway.

	in fact i think capital letters are unnecessary in
english. one can live without them. when i was writing like this to my
friend, he got so mad and asked me stop this weird business. again you
see it is do you repeated mental associations.

(in tripura rahasya, hemalekhaa will tell hemachuuDa that attraction
towards women arises due to repeated mental associations, from then on
I got attracted to the phrase "repeated mental association" and
repeatedly I am associating myself with it ;-)  )

AUM ,  AUM is indeed the three worlds, Gross, Subtle and Causal. 
I adore Thee, the source of all  and meditate on Thy effulgent 
divine beauty. Awaken my intuition to realize Thee!
OM_kaara oli vadive ! muppuraththai thannagaththE thORRuviththa
thoNmaiyaLe! paramporulE arumporulE pORRuthaRkuriyavaLE! eNNith
thuthikinREn ninnoLip pErazhagai! ennil unai uNarum aatma jnaanam

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I've received some input.

Evidently "aa" and "A" are equivalent.

However, "maayaa" is MUCH easier to read than "mAyA", and it is even
easier to type.

Is there any reason not to agree to use "maayaa" instead of "mAyA" ?



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I prefer to use capital letters for the long vowels. e.g. "A" instead of
"aa", "I" instead of "ii" and so on. To my eyes, "ii" and "uu" look quite
odd, and I like "I" and "U" better. Besides the use of capital letters is
unavoidable to write the cerebral sounds as in mANDUkya/maaNDuukya. When
capital letters are used for consonants, why not for vowels also?
Sometimes the weirdly positioned captial letter makes one stop and read
more carefully.


S. Vidyasankar

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