Everyone please read and respond !

M Suresh msuresh at INDIA.TI.COM
Wed Aug 14 17:36:46 CDT 1996

It is okay either the plain way or the
transliterated way for me. Personally I
do not take notice of the transliteration
notation much.

I agree with Ken that it is not necessary
to transliterate COMMON sanskrit wordis interspersed
in english.

However it would be good to transliterate occasional
sanskrit words like mandukya, karika, prarabdha

COMMON ones like advaita, svapna, karma, brahman, saguna,
nirguna, yoga, jnana etc. need not be transliterated.

Another alternative I can suggest is to use transliteration
only the first time the word is introduced, and if the word
is not very commonly used in the context of advaita the english
equivalent can be put in brackets.


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