Srinivas Sista sista at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Wed Aug 14 13:35:48 CDT 1996

When I read words like mandukya, karika etc, I have to anyway put
another iteration in my mind regarding their correct pronunciation.
During that time, if I know that word in sanskrit I hardly notice
any difficulty. But if I didn't then I would be at a loss to arrive
at the correct sanskrit equivalent. So in the interest of transmitting
the word accurately(as against personal convenience), I would like to
suggest the use of a transliterated scheme which is unique(something
used by the majority).

Also the set of `common sanskrit words' is not well defined. It changes
with persons and time. Similarly if a person encounters a post for
the first time long after the word has been introduced, he/she would
not have access to the transliterated version. They have to search
through the archives for the first occurence of the word or query
the list with `Can anybody tell me the correct ..... blah'.

Srinivas Sista.

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