Everyone please read and respond !

Sankar Jayanarayanan kartik at ENG.AUBURN.EDU
Thu Aug 15 15:29:45 CDT 1996

I don't mind whether the sanskrit words are transliterated or not. It's easy
to read anyway. The transliteration scheme is more convenient for those who
have studied sanskrit, since they get a better feel for the meaning of the word
by pronouncing it properly. I agree however that frequent use of transliteration
sometimes slows down the reading process. Maybe we can restrain from using
transliteration as much as possible.

For those who are unaware of the itrans 4.0 scheme, here it is:

vowels(svara):  a aa(A) i ii(I) u uu(U) R^i R^I e ai o au aM aH L^i L^I

  k kh g gh N^ ch chh j jh JN T Th D Dh N t th d dh n p ph b bh m
  y r l v sh shh s h L(Marathi) ksh(x) GY(Hindi)



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