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Sadasiva Samarambham Shankaracharya Madhyamam
Asmadacharya Paryantam Vande Guru Paramparam


My name is Chelluri Nageswar Rao (Friends call me Nagy).  I came from
Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, a long long time ago and am planning to return to
karma bhumi in late 1998.  I have a wife and 3 sons.  Since we dont have a
girl, we adopted a little girl in 1994 from Andhra and named her Sri Lakshmi
a gift from my ishta devata DEVI.  Presently we are living in Naperville,
Illinois.  I am working for the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District
as Geologist/Civil Engineer.

In the year 1986, I went to Kanchipuram to see Sri Kamakshi and Pramacharya.
 Somehow an idea surfaced in my mind at the time to perform Chandi Homams at
Ashtadasa Peetalu (Eighteen Devi Temples - Shakti Sthanams).  I went to see
Paramacharya with this idea and he gracefully bestowed blessings and gave me
permission to perform the Homams.  Sofar I have performed Chandi Homams at
ten Devi Peetams, one each year begining with Kamakshi sannidhanam.  The
eleventh homam will be performed on October 26 at Sri Madhaveswari Temple in

I believe in the best of all religions.  I joined this elite group with the
hope of finding some answers.  before sharing my thoughts on advaita which
are meager, I would like know your thoughts on a few basic concepts.  First
and foremost is MIND.  My understanding of the mind is that:
Mind is not a physical organ. It has no shape, form, color or any other
physical attributes.  A healthy brain creates a healthy mind and a healthy
mind is limitless. A living form including human is a deadwood without a
mind.  Mind controls the body and senses not the otherway around.  Mind is
preprogrammed and is essentially madeup of 3 gunas, Sattva, Rajo and Tamas in
different proportions in accordance with prarabdha karma.  Food, drinks,
drugs, teachings and other strong minds effect the brain and thereby further
influence these gunas.  There are so many teachings on the subject "How to
control the mind".  Most say "You control the mind".  Whos is this "You" they
are referring ?  I think they dont even know.  The individual body named Nagy
can not control the mind.  The mind controls Nagy which ofcourse is natural.
 Mind constantly seeks its source but the environment it is placed prevents
and obscures the source.  If sttva guna predominates and prevails the search
becomes easy and the mind unites and becomes one with the source: SAT CHIT
Appreciate your comments.


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